Invisible Employee

London, United Kingdom
£5 Hourly Rate
£250 Desired Salary
£5 Temporary Rate






At Hospitality Action we have a whole range of support services to help hospitality people back on their feet again after a setback. Each year we help thousands of people through challenging times.




Grant giving


For over 180 years Hospitality Action has provided hospitality workers with financial

physical and psychological support to help them overcome adversity. We help individuals and their families stay afloat with grants to cover anything from rent payments to school uniform for their children. And for those who sadly can’t return to the industry they love

we provide ongoing support to transition them to the next stage of their lives.

About Me

Hospitality Action is the UK hospitality industry’s trade charity. To support our Invisible Chips campaign, you can hire an Invisible Employee. You will be making a charitable donation and making a tangible difference to hospitality families in financial crisis. For more information please visit To make a donation, select Book as Temp, enter the amount per hour you wish to contribute and how many hours you would like to ‘hire’ the Invisible Employee for. You will then receive a message with the details on how to make your payment. Thank you for your support.