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black book
A book containing a list of secret contacts
"you'll be able to create your own little black book of industry contacts"

The main problems the hospitality sector faces are inflated recruitment fees and high workforce turnover. Posting job adverts, finder’s fees and ongoing charges for hiring temporary employees are amongst many expenses. High workforce turnover adds to this with every new job post carrying additional fees.

What is our solution?
Black Books Air is our industry’s answer to a raising cost of recruitment. Our goal is to make hiring low-cost and seamless.

Using Black Books Air creates savings for your business. A flat rate subscription gives you unlimited access to our services. Our transparent pricing structure is designed to easily calculate an annual recruitment cost and incorporate it into a budget. There are no hidden costs.

To solve the problem of staff retention, we build an option to negotiate. Employees can apply for jobs, make offers and negotiate rates and terms. An extra 40p an hour may result in your employee working for you for several months longer. If you hire a temporary employee and decide to offer them a permanent role, just ask them. There are no buyout fees.

What makes us different?

We are not an agency
We provide a platform; the rest is up to you. By working with an agency, you do not gain access to a ‘black book’ of exclusive workers. The same employees are registered with other agencies, and with us. You no longer have to pay high fees to access the industry contacts. Browse staff profiles with their social links, chat via pm, network and send job offers for a fraction of the cost.

You pay a set fee
Use the service as little or as much as you need to. Post unlimited job adverts, hire 1 or 10 employees and you will pay 1 set fee. Your recruitment spending stays the same throughout the year, which makes forecasting spending on staff easy.

It’s built around your business
You are no longer restricted by office hours. Choose convenience. Manage your hiring 24/7, from anywhere. If you need a role covered urgently, you can do it on our platform. Staff availability calendar and a booking tool allows you to fill temporary vacancies in real-time. Choose your staff. Take control of who you hire and who comes through your door. At present, a business that needs a temporary cover accepts an agency worker without knowing who they are. Get to know your temporary staff before you offer them employment.

It’s easy to use
Our standalone software is intuitive to use. It is clean, quick and minimalist. There are no distracting ads and it does what we promise.

Last but not least,

Time tracking
The platform provides an integrated time tracking system for managing contracts and monitoring team members. It is automated and lets you save on labour costs – you no longer have to manually process timesheets. Filter and export your reports, forecast your wage spend and track it live.

To find out more or to book a demo please contact us here or reach out to us on social media @blackbooksair.

Black Books Air - the future of recruitment.