How much does it cost for businesses?

We are very transparent about our pricing. There are no hidden costs, no finder’s fees and no ongoing charges for hiring temporary employees.

You can choose a flexible monthly contract or an annual plan.

Pricing plans can be found here:


What makes us different from an agency?

Black Books Air is a recruitment and a time management software for hospitality. We provide a platform for companies and industry professionals and put them in contact with each other.

Employees registered with agencies are registered with us. Businesses no longer have to pay high fees to access the same industry contacts.

We offer a bespoke agency add-on service for employers who prefer a more hands-on approach.

Will set subscription create savings for my business?

Yes! We created Black Books Air to address inflated recruitment fees. Our value pricing and set fee make it easy to calculate your annual recruitment cost and incorporate it into your budget.

I would like to see which of my staff are on breaks. How do I do that?

Enter timekeeping on the app or website and select the employee you wish to view. Their timekeeping calendar will show and you will be able to view what time they clocked-in and when they went for their break.

Why should I register?

Employers who register can:

  • Post unlimited job adverts.
  • Network with industry professionals and message them directly.
  • Make job offers to individuals for permanent and temporary roles.
  • Book temporary staff in real-time.
  • Track hours, monitor employees on shift.
  • Manage contracts.

Employees get access to:

  • A virtual clock-in and out system.
  • Freelancer tools – booking calendar, automatic processing of timesheets and invoicing from the app.
  • Messaging employers directly.
  • Hospitality jobs from all over the UK.
  • Negotiate feature – make offers to jobs and negotiate wages and terms.

How long does registration take?

Registration takes 3 minutes. Fill out your profile first, and then head to the marketplace for access to all those promised contacts!

Is it free for employees?

Yes, our service is 100% free of charge to employees. Register your profile to get access to job marketplace, booking calendar and timekeeping.

Is it a social media site?

No. Black Books Air is a platform for finding staff/employment. It’s split into 2 versions, Employee and Employer. Employees can only see Employers and vice versa.

What does Private Mode do?

Do not want to be seen? Use our helpful private mode feature to browse the marketplace.

This feature means your profile will not show in search, but you can still make offers and apply for jobs.

I cannot register my location.

During registration you will be asked to enter your location. If it is not in our database, please register with the nearest town and contact us with your postcode and town. We will update the database and you will be able to update your profile.

Where are your jobs based?

We have clients UK wide. You will find hospitality jobs from all areas of business, temporary and permanent, from hotels, resorts, bars, restaurants, cafés, pubs and spas.

Do you have an app?

Yes, in addition to the website Black Books Air is available on both Android and iOS.

I forgot to clock-in for my shift, what do I do?

If you forgot to clock-in on the day of your shift, head to Timekeeping and select Clock-in manually to log your shift and any breaks. This shift will be displayed to your employer as a manual entry.

My staff did not turn up; I need a shift covered urgently.

Have you had issues with no shows? So have we. Employers who need a temp urgently can either send a booking request to an available temp or post the vacancy on the marketplace and wait for temps to apply or make offers.

To prevent double-bookings and minimise staff not showing up for scheduled work, the platform allows workers to book only one temp job per day. If they wish to book another contract, they will have to cancel the original booking beforehand.

How do I use the software?

Black Books Air is available as website and app. We designed the platform to be minimalist and intuitive. If you are unsure of how to do something or just want to say hello, reach out to us on social media @blackbooksair, hello@blackbooksair.co.uk or find us on the app.